Safety precautions at East End Dentistry: most recent updates

Safety precautions at East End Dentistry: most recent updates

The first concern at East End dentist Glenview is staff and patient safety. To guarantee everyone feels secure and comfortable throughout their stay, we have included several additional policies. Our most recent safety precautions are broken out here.

Improved Methodologies for Cleaning

Our cleaning schedules now reflect more frequency and thoroughness. Especially in high-touch locations like door knobs, seats, and countertops, our employees routinely clean and sanitize all surfaces. Following every patient, each treatment room is meticulously cleaned to maintain the best standards of hygiene.

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE

Our crew has the required personal protective gear. This covers masks, gloves, face shields, and robes. These things are swapped between patients to avoid any cross-contamination. Every guest must also wear masks inside the clinic.

Health Examining

Every patient and staff member goes through health checks before they come into the clinic. This covers a quick questionnaire about recent travel and health as well as temperature checks. These tests enable us to spot any possible hazards to health and act accordingly to safeguard every patient in the clinic.

Social Separating Strategies

Our waiting space has been rearranged to guarantee social separation. Chairs are set at least six feet apart, and we restrict the waiting room capacity at any one moment. To further limit interaction with others, we also advise patients to sit in their automobiles until their appointment time.

Hand Sanitation

Our safety precautions depend much on hand hygiene. Throughout the clinic, hand sanitizers abound for staff members as well as for patients. Everyone should make use of them both when arriving and leaving the clinic. Before and after every patient contact, our employees rigorously wash their hands following high hand hygiene standards.

Explicit Communication

We think of our patients as knowledgeable people. We regularly convey our safety procedures via email updates, our website, social media, and other outlets. Patients get comprehensive guidelines on what to anticipate during their visit and the actions we are doing to guarantee their safety.

East End dentist Glenview is dedicated to providing our staff and patients with safe and healthy surroundings. Following these improved safety precautions will help us to provide peace of mind and guarantee that everyone gets the dental treatment they need free from concern. Our first concern is your safety; we are here to provide you with the best of standards of care.