Tips to buy used cars without risk

Tips to buy used cars without risk

Buying a used car  is always a  delicate moment , because we know that the end result could be an  excellent purchase , but also its exact opposite.

One of the most debated issues in this regard relates to the choice between buying from a  private individual  or from an activity that professionally deals with  used cars , such as a  dealership  or a  car showroom buy here pay here in montclair.

In our opinion the  answer  is  clear , and it immediately catches the eye even if only by enumerating the  advantages  of one or the other choice.

The advantages of purchasing through private customers are reduced to one: the possibility of obtaining a   lower  price , in the absence of the many guarantees  that a  professional structure  can, and in most cases  must , provide.

A private individual, for example, is not required to offer the minimum of  one year of guarantee , an obligation that instead applies to professional realities, and at the same time will not be able to provide  assistance  with respect to the part of the bureaucracy necessary for the  transfer of ownership  of the vehicle, in addition to not having any instrument to guarantee privileged access to the possibility of  financing  for the purchase.

In any case, whether you decide to buy from a private seller or a professional, here are some  useful tips  to minimize the  potential risks  inherent in buying a used car.


The first thing to check in a used car is the  number of kilometers  it has traveled during its existence on the road. The data is easy to verify, as it is clearly indicated by the  odometer  even in older models, but it can still hide some  pitfalls  since it is technically possible to modify it, so as to make the vehicle appear  less used  than it actually was.

It is also important to check the  number of owners  who have had the car which, with the same kilometers traveled, can make a difference.

The collimation between the number of kilometers indicated on the dashboard and those actually traveled is difficult to verify without a thorough  technical examination . The best protection in this regard can be the purchase made by a professional who adheres to realities that act as a guarantee.