Get To Know Some Of The Locations Of Samsung Service Centres Here In Singapore

Get To Know Some Of The Locations Of Samsung Service Centres Here In Singapore

Samsung is a South Korean service-providing, semiconductors, and electronics manufacturing company that has its headquarters in Samsung Town, in the capital city of South Korea Seoul. This is a private company which means that its shares can’t be listed in the National Share Market. Samsung was founded on 1st March 1938 in Daegu Province in Japan-occupied Korea. Through this article, the readers and viewers of this article will learn about the locations of samsung repair singapore and the services provided by them along with their cost.

The different services along with their charges as taken by the service centers or repair stores in Singapore

The main services provided by the service centers are screen repair and screen replacement for different Samsung Galaxy models. If you want to avail some other repair services for your Samsung product it is recommended to book an appointment or directly visit the service centers in Singapore. Under screen repair, only the phone display is replaced which was not done previously and this process will save a lot of money, whereas in screen replacement all the components that are related to the screen are replaced like the display, selfie camera, frame, sensors, receiver speaker, etc. this process will cost a lot of money. All the repair costs will differ by the mobile models of Samsung Galaxy.

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Charges for different models-

  • Galaxy fold-screen repair cost is $ 549 and the screen replacement cost is $ 799
  • Galaxy Z flip-screen repair $ 469, and screen replacement $ 759
  • Galaxy Z Fold2-screen repair $ 559 and screen replacement $ 629
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G-screen repair $ 469 and screen replacement $ 629
  • Galaxy S20-screen repair $ 229 and screen replacement $ 329
  • Galaxy S20+-screen repair $ 259 and screen replacement $ 369
  • Galaxy S20 ultra-screen repair $ 269 and screen replacement $ 389
  • Galaxy S21 ultra 5G-screen repair $ 299 and screen replacement $ 429
  • Galaxy S21+ 5G-screen repair $ 199 and screen replacement $ 269
  • Galaxy S21 5G-screen repair $ 189 and screen replacement $ 259
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra-screen repair $ 279 and screen replacement $ 409
  • Galaxy Note 20-screen repair $ 199 and screen replacement $ 279

The Samsung service centers in Singapore-

  • Samsung service center is located in Orchard Road, Singapore, the Plaza Singapura in store number B2-B23 Plaza. The timings of this store are that they remain open from Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. This is a mobile repair store.
  • Samsung Service Centre Westgate is located on Gateway Drive in the city of Westgate, Singapore. This store remains open Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article defines the service provided and the repair stores located in Singapore.