Top reasons why you should use a tactical helmet cover

Top reasons why you should use a tactical helmet cover

Helmets have come a long way in recent years, yet they may still cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Even the most expensive ballistic helmets have painted surfaces, and when they come into contact with hard surfaces, the paint scratches and chips off, degrading the ballistics of the helmet, causing irreversible damage, and voiding your helmet. Tactical helmet coverings protect the surface of the helmet, extending its service life by maintaining its ballistic qualities. In the event of a significant scrape, the worst-case situation is that the cover must be replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacing a helmet. To buy these, check in website As the global leader in tactical helmet covers, we raise awareness about helmet damage and offer the top reasons why your tactical helmet needs a helmet cover:

Force identification and uniformity

Within the same unit, many units employ a variety of helmets. Older helmets, modern helmets, helmets for troops with specialized tasks, various helmet cuts and colors. A standard kind of helmet cover or Helmet Bridge makes it simpler to distinguish between friend and foe. With friendly fire accounting for 40% of all combat deaths throughout history, the ease with which friendly forces may be identified is crucial.


A helmet cover alters the material of a military helmet and prevents it from glinting. A rounded helmet has a shine to it that can reflect light back at you, making you more visible in daytime or with night vision systems. Any cover built of the proper materials may absorb incoming light, making it more difficult to see and preventing glinting. Check out

Reduction of noise

When a ballistic helmet is dropped or knocked against a hard surface, such as a wall or door frame, it creates a noise. A cover acts as a buffer, dampening the impact noise slightly, which can be critical in battle situations where the opponent is in close quarters.

To summarize, make sure your lid is closed. It will extend the life of your helmet, protect your pricey attachments and keep them from coming off in the middle of a mission, keep your adversary or partner from shooting you in the rear, and, if you have a helmet cover, make you seem like a total badass.