Why Photos Are Important For Selling Your House

Why Photos Are Important For Selling Your House

You’ve finally made the decision to sell your home. You could believe that the listing photographs are the lowest of your problems when you consider everything else that has to be handled, including such maintenance, painting, cleaning, and choosing the perfect estate agency like Tate Rowlands. In fact, they are a crucial factor in selling your house. Good photography is essential when trying to sell your home, and we understand that.

Since most homebuyers now start their search online, it stands to reason that listing photos are crucial. Potential buyers of a house will want to examine it as often as possible online before setting up a viewing. It is possible that some vendors and brokers may assume that snapping a few images on their phone is sufficient. After all, smartphones these days have elevated cameras, and a good filter can make even a bad photo appear interesting. Taking images of a house for sale is not like snapping a selfie or a photo of your pet on your lap. Taking images that will sell requires a skilled eye to determine the optimal perspective, lighting, and composition.

What NOT to Do When Taking an Online Listing Photo:

You want to get the attention of potential homebuyers, and that may mean using Photoshop or filters, but remember that you’re not publishing an issue of OK! magazine here.

The Photographer as Seen in a Mirror

  • With the help of a Google Maps image of your home, you may – In addition to being out of date, they also tend to be hazy.
  • No photobombing
  • Images that are skewed, fuzzy, grainy, gloomy, and washed-out


  • Potential buyers will proceed to the next ad if they aren’t impressed with the photos you’ve provided.
  • It is easier to get a feel for the home’s condition and size using professional photos.
  • Bigger pictures in a gallery setting are more popular.

It’s crucial that the photographs be seen in the correct sequence. It’s best to show a home’s exterior from the front first, then go to the side, and finally the back, just like you would if you were visiting the property in person. Consult our own inventory. You may check the link below