How To Choose A Georgia Natural Gas Provider

How To Choose A Georgia Natural Gas Provider

Constellation offers Atlanta residents a reliable, affordable, and clean source of energy. Constellation’s competitive prices and customer service that is unmatched and their commitment to giving back to their community make it the most suitable choice for natural gas customers in Atlanta. Click “Explore Plans” to view the natural gas options available for your home.

The average home in Georgia uses 717 therms of natural gas each year. Your monthly usage will vary depending on the use you make of your home’s appliances. Constellation offers a plan that allows you to lock in a fixed price for your natural gas supply over a long period of time. A fixed-rate plan allows you to plan your energy expenses and to avoid paying more when prices rise.

While the majority of households in Atlanta still get their gas from Atlanta Gas Light (AGLC), the utility’s default supply is no longer an option. Since 1998, consumers can now purchase their gas from different companies. This is known as selecting a natural gas marketer. It separates the price of residential gas from the cost of your bill. AGL will continue to send you a monthly bill, handle any emergencies, and read your meter every month.

If you decide to switch georgia gas natural suppliers Gas Supply Charges and Customer Service Charges will be handled by the new supplier. Entering your zip code allows you to compare these charges between the many providers who serve the AGL Natural Gas region.

Take into consideration the length of your contract as well as whether you would prefer a fixed or variable rate when you choose a natural gas plan. A variable rate is determined by the current price of natural gas as well as the cost to transport gas to your region. A fixed rate will have a cents per therm that is locked for a specific period of time. The majority of marketers offer a 12-or 24 month contract. You may be charged a cancellation charge when you decide to cancel your contract before the end of the contract.

XOOM Energy connects Georgia residents with the power of their energy. Since 2017, we’ve been serving residential natural gas customers in Georgia across the state. XOOM offers flexible plans and competitive pricing that can be tailored to your lifestyle. We believe that the personal connection is what makes us different. Our goal is to provide your family with the energy you require and a dedicated experience you want.

We offer a variety of residential natural gas plans that range from a month-to-month program to a fixed-rate plan for 24 months. We also have competitive commercial rates as well as a variety of financial solutions to help you manage your business’s energy needs. In addition to these excellent products and services, we provide various options for our customers to pay with us, including online billing and auto-debit from your bank account. Our customer service representatives are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.