Best Indian Foods That You Should Try

Best Indian Foods That You Should Try

Indian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and variety of spices, making it very well-loved by many people regardless of race; that said, there is something about certain indian food central hong kong style, that just makes you crave it. So, here are some top Indian foods that you should definitely try:



Samosa is a traditional dish that is very famous because these are fried or baked pastries which are usually stuffed with spicy potatoes, peas, and sometimes meat. In most cases, they are taken with Chutney, which is a sauce that is produced from ground peanuts that has a sweet and tangy taste.


Pakoras are a favorite delicious, second, deep-fried snack made from vegetable items such as potato, onion and spinach with chickpea flour or besan. They are best enjoyed as finger foods, as a starter dish or as a snack that can be enjoyed with tea.

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Main Courses

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is among the most common foods originating from India. It is chicken prepared in a sauce of tomatoes, butter, and a few spices, which gives the chicken a pale and smooth texture. Primarily it is eaten with naan bread or rice Some people prefer to add chopped green coriander to the dish whilst it is being cooked.


Biryani is a set of rice preparations from the Muslims in the subcontinent. It is prepared with spices and rice with meat that can be chicken, beef, goat or sheep, pork, lamb, prawn, fish, etc. Every zone of India has its own flavored biryani in its own style.

Side Dishes


Naan is a fermented bread product cooked in the tandoor (a bell-shaped brick oven). Again, it is soft and fluffy because it absorbs sauces from various dishes, such as those from India. Also, just a side note, there is a wide category of naan, so be sure to ask around and get one that you like.


Raita is a type of yogurt served with vegetables or meat that, some say, gives a slight cooling sensation on your tongue. It is prepared with yogurt, raw and unpeeled cucumber, sometimes tomatoes, and occasionally even fruits such as pineapple. Raita is also accompanied by cumin and mint.


Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is India’s favorite milk solid-based sweet. It is fried and soaked in a water sugar syrup with a hint of cardamom and rose. I must say it is soft and sweet, especially when it melts inside your mouth.


Jalebi is a dish that is an assortment of a form of a batter ready and shaped circular in form and deep fried and glycerin and sugar syrup. It is golden brown on the outside and tender on the inside while having all the beautiful colors of the sunset, orange and red.


The breadth of flavors and preparations available in Indian cuisine is vast, and there is a meal to suit everyone’s pallet. With spicy fares, sweet treats, or crunchy things in between, one will surely get hungry with this. The following meals are a sample of Indian meals that will instill the culture of Indian food and will make you desire more of them.