The external wall insulation of your home is an excellent choice

The external wall insulation of your home is an excellent choice

An environment that is kept comfortable regardless of the weather conditions is referred to as thermal comfort. Despite the weather, EWI can ensure that your property’s interior is at the perfect temperature for comfort, whatever the weather. Insulation not only keeps your house warm in the winter but also keeps it from gaining too much heat in the summer based on thermal comfort.

As a result of EWI, your heating system can retain heat and prevent cold air from entering the building, so you keep the heat within the building. As a result of the sun’s rays not absorbing the walls during the summer, heat is not transferred into the house. During the summer, wood fiber insulation maintains a cool indoor temperature with exceptional performance.

With 90mm of EPS installed on a solid brick wall, a four-bedroom detached house can save around £455 on energy bills annually. By ensuring heat remains inside, energy bills are drastically reduced. The external wall insulation pays for itself. The render finish on the insulation boards ensures that the system is waterproof. This is not only highly functional but also highly aesthetically pleasing.

EWI Pro renders come in a wide range of colors and textures for a unique and customizable finish that lasts for years. In addition to taking up no internal space, EWI has the advantage of insulating the entire building, which is secured to the external walls using adhesives and mechanical fixings.

The installation process is quick and unintrusive, and there is no hassle of losing internal floor space when UK property prices are high, and space is essential. By using high levels of insulation on your external walls, you reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. Therefore households with external wall insulation benefit from the fact that they are contributing to reducing their carbon footprint.

Providing heat and weather protection to building fabric, external wall insulation covers the exterior of a property and wraps it up in a thermal blanket. As a weather-proof barrier, the external render helps prevent water ingress and damage from extreme weather conditions.