Some Important Sushi Secrets That You Must Know

Some Important Sushi Secrets That You Must Know

Tired of being the amateur sushi eater? It is time to unlock some sushi secrets that will become the true sushi expert! No matter whether you are the novice who is just trying sushi for a first time or veteran wanting to upgrade the sushi skills, knowledge here can help you to reach top of sushi hierarchy and find the best sushi nyc.

A lesson on the lingo

The words you need to know for all things sushi are sashimi and maki. Sashimi is raw fish (not just sushi) served on its own with a dipping sauce. Maki are rolls of rice, veggies, and other ingredients rolled inside nori seaweed. Knowing these two words is your key to the wonderful world of sushi.

Another important piece of sushi information is that each type of sushi has its own eating protocol. You should always start with the lightest and least flavorful items first. From there, you can move on to more flavorful items such as sushi rolls and hand rolls. This will help you taste each type of sushi to its fullest.

Using the Right Spice

You’ll also want to make sure to have the correct condiments to bring out the full flavors of each type of sushi. Pickled ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi are essential for enjoying sushi to the fullest. Experimenting with different condiments is one of the best ways to discover the full range of sushi flavors.

For added etiquette points, remember to eat your sushi with your hands. Only sashimi can be eaten with chopsticks, as anything with rice or noodles is supposed to be eaten with your hands. To top it off, enjoy a nice glass of cold sake to enhance the flavors of your sushi.

These are the top sushi secrets that will elevate you to the ranks of sushi connoisseur. Now, get out there and start experimenting with your sushi knowledge! You’ll soon be on your way to becoming an expert sushi aficionado. You can enjoy some of the hot spot in NYC and try our world famous sushi at the best restaurant here.