Learn More About How To Use A Decal In A Car

Learn More About How To Use A Decal In A Car

Decal is referring to any type of decoration that is added to any surface and in this case, is a car that can be in the presence of some adhesive to the design and the design material is mainly made up of vinyl. The difference between stickers and vinyl decal is that normally stickers are made up of poor quality paper backed with adhesive and is very short-lived as they are unbearable towards temperatures and rainfall. Vinyl decals or decorative stickers contain re-adjustable or permanent adhesive backed on a vinyl sticker. In this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the different car decal printing materials used and the different areas where decals can be placed.

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Different decal materials-

  • Calendared vinyl- this is the most common material used to make decals. This form of vinyl is thick and rigid which makes it last for a long period. Under this format, vinyl is placed under the printers. This vinyl material is used on walls, windows, floors, etc.
  • Cast vinyl- this is a liquid vinyl material if heated to turn the material into fabric. This material is thin but highly stretchable and durable making it last for several years
  • Metallic vinyl- this material has a metallic shine to it which makes it reflect when light is applied to it. This material often comes in gold and silver colors.
  • Reflective vinyl- the properties of this vinyl material are similar to metallic vinyl as they too get illuminated when light falls on them these materials last for a maximum of five years.
  • Fluorescent vinyl- this material is used mainly in road signs making you realize about road signs, caution signs, turning signals, speed limit signals, etc. colors used for this vinyl material are green, yellow, orange, green, pink, and red.

Types of decal stickers used in cars-

  1. Vinyl- this type of sticker is on the hoods of cars, doors, trucks, etc. This material contains permanent adhesive and PVC vinyl and is adjustable to curvy areas. These materials are low maintenance, resistant to weather conditions, etc.
  2. Static clings- these decals are easily removable but can be permanent if the customer wants them to be. Static clings are best to test whether the design for your car or other vehicles or not
  3. Printed stickers- in these labels words, sentences, quotes, or images are printed over a sheet of wax paper with adhesive attached underneath.

Cost of decals for your car-

  • Vinyl lettering decals of 18″ by 24″ cost $ 26.55 the ones from 24″ to 36″ costs $ 42.51
  • Static and window clings cost $ 29.98 for a 12″ by 18″ and $ 47.96 costs for an 18″ by 24″ length and breadth sticker.

To conclude the above-mentioned article clearly shows the types of decals used.