Is It OK to Put a Business Card in aChristmas Card?

There is a lot of conversation that occurs online surrounding how business cards should look, who should print them and the best ways to use them effectively. However, one thing that does not get address quite as much despite the truth that it is most definitely important in its own right is business card etiquette once all has been said and is now out of the way. We feel like the etiquette of handing out business cards needs to be referenced a lot more often than it is right now, and the reason behind this is that it can help people make the right decisions without upsetting anyone or coming across as decidedly impolite.

This raises the question of whether or not sending your business metal cards to people in your annual Christmas card giveaway is polite. The thing is, there are many opinions as to whether or not something of this nature should actually be done. Some would suggest that sending a business card in a Christmas card will make it seem less genuine than might have been the case otherwise, whereas others claim that this is a perfectly legitimate way for them to market themselves.

In our opinion, the choice of putting a business card in a Christmas card lies entirely in your court. You should try to look at the people that you are sending these Christmas greetings to and ascertain if they would appreciate getting a business card in the mail as well. Different people will react differently to a thing like this and it always pays to be careful lest you make someone feel like you are not humanizing them.