All About macaron online Singapore

All About macaron online Singapore


They are quite simply the best biscuits in the world and a favorite among Asians and Europeans alike, described as a “perfect” sweet snack, gift, and “finger” treat. The French macaron got its start in International New York City and has been featured in The New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, and more.

Now it’s easy to buy them online and have them delivered to your home. They are preservative-free and trans-fat-free. Taste them! A subtle pleasure will invade your senses. For this, you can always go for macaron online singapore.

Give a sweet gift with a Singapore macaron box 

Packed with great flavors, creations, and classic favorites, our macaron gift set epitomizes simplicity and proven French baking technique. through time. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, create special moments with this mouthwatering dish that makes a bold statement with luxurious creamy ganache paired with crunchy meringues. Eye-catching and offering an equally satisfying tasting experience, these delicious confections are sure to make memorable gifts. With delicate handcrafted flavors created to delight the senses, delighting your or your loved one’s sweet tooth in every bite. Striving to create an iconic sensory experience that conveys the longstanding tradition of Laurent Bernard, our gift boxes are as artistic and visually appealing as the freshly baked dessert inside. Open the gift box and reveal rows of soft, delicately flavored macaroons bursting with different flavors and textures.

macaron online singapore

Dedication to craft technique 

A famous French meringue confection, the macaron is a dish that prides itself on the aesthetic of its surface as well as the taste of its ganache filling. Once a master in the art of delicious marzipan, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier pays homage to artisanal techniques with the marzipan box. Each macaron is meticulously created and molded to perfection. From the crispy crust to the delicious filling that showcases the essence of our love for quality ingredients, our original mid-sized macarons will take you on a gourmet journey. eat. Blending familiar flavors of dark chocolate and hazelnuts, and adding signature flavors of yuzu and raspberry macaroons, enjoy a sweet yet sweet slice of cake – all in just one soft piece of cake.

Buy handmade macaroons in Singapore 

Discover a unique and memorable confection that has been handcrafted with the finest ingredients. For a small, intimate gift wrapped with our unique confectionery, look no further than the 5-Piece Macaron Box. It is something that can be shared and enjoyed by friends and family.


If you want to enhance your gift selection, consider complementing your macaron gift box with some of our Singapore bestsellers, such as the Black Forest Cake or the Chocolate Cake. ours. Shop the handmade French macaron online singapore and be captivated by the delicious flavors of the sophisticated dishes.