Once you get lash lifts, you may even feel comfortable going makeup-free regularly

Once you get lash lifts, you may even feel comfortable going makeup-free regularly

During a lash lift treatment, your lashes are enhanced and boosted, so they appear longer, fuller, and more dramatic for a temporary period. You will be applied a lash lifting solution directly to your https://www.lorennaaraujo.com/lash-lift eyelashes by your lash artist or esthetician during the lash lift appointment. The artist gently tapes your lashes to a flexible rod to lift and curl your lashes directly from the root. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for the results of your lash lift to appear.

The beauty industry has taken lash lifts by storm for a reason. When a person gets a lash lift for the first time, they are hooked and stick with it because it creates a naturally beautiful look. The lash lift is the https://www.lorennaaraujo.com/lash-lift best way to achieve the same look without wearing extensions or false lashes. With a lash lift, you’ll get full, voluminous lashes that look like falsies, lifted up and away from your eye.

There are no such things as lashes that are too short or too long to undergo a lash lift since it allows you to create natural volume for any eye shape, including hooded and downturned eyes. Lash lifts can also be performed on lashes of any length. During your appointment, you will discuss the look you are trying to achieve with your lash artist to determine how much curl your lashes can handle.

It’s an instant confidence boost to wake up in the morning with long, thick, dramatic lashes. Having your eyes appear bright and fresh with long, thick lashes is a mood booster. When you get ready in the morning, your lashes will look fantastic, saving you valuable time.